40+ Years of Professional Forest Management Experience

North Star Provides Solutions

Forestry Services, Management, Valuation, Business Management, Due Diligence

Forest Management

North Star Land Advisors provides results oriented forestry services focused on achieving landowner desired outcomes. Working hand-in-hand with clients to achieve sustainable success – from strategy creation to implementation roll-out we provide strategic and operational advise across the entire value chain. North Star Land Advisors practices forestry based on responsible management and long-term sustainability of forest resources.

Harvest Unit Planning – Site Plans & Silvicultural Prescriptions  |  Road System Design & Layout  |  Regulatory Compliance  |  Logging Supervision  |  Timber & Log Marketing  |  Reforestation Planning & Execution

Resource Assessments

North Star Land Services provides insight and field services that can help our clients make decisions leading to better outcomes and better financial performance.

  • Forest Inventory – well designed and cost-effective timber inventory services
  • Road Inventory and Inspections – asset locations, condition and attributes; predicting maintenance requirements and producing realistic budgets
  • Forest Health – treatment prescriptions and management plans

Timberland Valuation

North Star Land Services has working associations with selected professional licensed appraisers to provide high-quality cost-efficient valuation of forestland assets.

Phase I and Phase II

North Star Land Advisors works with professional environmental and engineering company strategic partners to provide comprehensive Phase I and Phase II client services. Phase I and Phase II site assessments can be done at various scales – landscape for timber, agricultural and vacant properties and site specific for projects such as rock pits and landfills. This can be an important due diligence step to provide the protection you may need against future environmental liabilities. Our goal is to deliver environmental site assessments that meet your needs on time and on budget.

Business Management

Looking for support in the effective management of your timberland and forestry business? North Star Land Advisors brings solid business management experience for land owners developing and running resource business enterprises. From strategic business consulting to full service management services we are able to bring together all the business, administration, and technical skills and expertise to successfully implement your goals.

Property Due Diligence

North Star Land Advisors provides the decision support for identifying and purchasing the most promising forests. We do the research that helps you make a decision based on facts and minimizes risk and maximizes returns. We create knowledge for informed decisions.

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